Our Products

During start-up phase:

Primary shreds size 100 x 200 mm Applications: raw material for granulation plants Civil works underlayment for road construction

During second phase:

TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) in 1 or 2 inch size Applications:
• Alternative fuel for cement kilns,paper mills or power plants.

After Salmy factory will be in operation:

Crumb rubber 1 to 3 mm (18 –6 mesh) Applications:
• Infill for artificial grass
• Sports courts surfaces
• Playground safety tiles
• Safety surfaces
• Elastic tiles
• Rubber floor coverings
• Asphalt supplement
• Molded products
• Parking poles
• Road walls and speed bump

Micronized rubber powder smaller 1 mm (18 mesh) screened on requested size

Asphalt supplement
• Compounds for the rubber industry
• Shoe soles
• Molder products
• Rubber hoses