Welcome to Kuwait Recycle Company.

Kuwait Recycle Company (KRC) is established in 2017 and managed byKuwaiti entre- preneurs and supported by experts in finance and the international tyre recycling in- dustry,with over 20 years’ experience, with several back grounds and strong relation- ships in the world wide tyre recycling community.

Our Target

It is our target to be a reliable supplier of raw material (Rubber) and strengthen our worldwide chain of commerce to enhance the environmental situation in the state of Kuwait and to Enhance its Future.

Future Situation

As part of an integrated solid waste management system in Kuwait, the existing tire graveyard will be cleaned and future end of life tires (ELT´s) will be recycled. KRC is granted with an exclusive contract ,from the government presented by the Public Authority of Industry, for this operation.


Scrap Tyre Shredding

Waste Shredding

Rubber Shredding


Professional development and production of Kuwait Recycle Company equipment's


Actively expand overseas markets


We have the unique technology and formula which most advanced in the world


Our products are widely used


An average car tyre will travel around 30.000 KM over its lifetime and when they have reached the end of their life in Kuwait... they are destined for the tire graveyard.In Ku- wait City's Erhia area every year gigantic holes are dug out in the sandy earth and filled with old tires. There are now over 20 million tires in the ground. The piles of rubber are so vast that they are visible from space.